Foundation of CLE:

William “Corky” Campbell is the Founder and CEO of Community Living Experience, Inc.  Corky has been involved with individuals with disabilities in a continuum of ways throughout his career; he was a Unit Director at the Columbus Development Center.  He began Community Living Experience, Inc. in December of 1982.  His goal was to assist individuals as they moved into communities to live more productive lives, focusing on the evolving concept of Person Centered Planning.

Rebecca “Becky” Campbell, wife of William “Corky” Campbell joined her husband’s quest in 2006, leaving her practice as a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist.  Becky added a new perspective to CLE thought her vast knowledge as a therapist and business woman.  Becky is the current CFO of Community Living Experiences, Inc.

Community Living Experiences, Inc is a  corporation, providing Residential support services in a variety of Supported Living Sites and Licensed Group Homes.  Currently severing Franklin, Licking and Marion Counties of Ohio.

It is our goal of this agency to provide individuals with disabilities the highness quality of services possible and support each individual’s self-directed journey through life by means defined through a partnership between the individual and this agency.

It is the intention of Community Living Experiences, Inc. that the sport provided, at whatever extent determined, assist individuals to define their place and realize their value in the world. Lending credibility and power to their voices at home, work and in their communities.