Annual Training

Staff Annual Training 

ALL DSP hired after July 1, 2021 MUST complete this training.

Click here to print the 2021 Answer Sheet for annual training or receive a copy from your supervisor.

2021 Answer Sheet

Once approved, you must come to the CLE Main Office (Columbus) during one of the designated time-frames with your current

  •  Driver’s license               
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Proof of auto insurance cards             
  •   Proof of COVID-19 vaccination if applicable.

Tuesday 11/30 10am-6pm     Wednesday 12/01  9am-5pm

Thursday 12/03  9am-4pm       Friday 12/04  9am-4pm

Monday 12/06  10am-4pm       Tuesday 12/07  10am-6pm

Wednesday 12/08 9am-5pm  Thursday 12/09  10am-6pm

Friday 12/10  10am-4pm            Saturday 12/11  11am-1pm

Sunday 12/12  12pm-2pm

Module 1 – DSP Annual Training-Rights of people with Disabilities and the DSP Code of Ethics

Module 2 – DSP Annual Training Empathy.

Module 3 – DSP Annual Training 2021-BB


Module 4 – DSP Annual Training-BB

Module 5 – DSP Annual Training-DA

Module 6- MUI-UI Annual Training Review.

Module 7-Abuser Registry Annual Training

Module 8- Infection Control annual training with covid 19

Module 9-Health and Welfare review of 2020 annual

Module10-Home Safety

Module 11- Choking and Foods

Module 12-RTAPIC

CLE Policies and Procedures